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Ceramic Coating


What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings have become a popular choice as the ultimate paint protection technology adding superior paint enhancement capabilities that include a very slick and glossy surface that provides results that create a hydrophobic (water repellant by beading) glass like hardened surface. 

The semi-permanent multi-year durability of Ceramic Coatings comes from the specific glass-like polymer materials that come from the manufacturer in liquid form. As a commercial grade ceramic coating, it is manufactured with high concentrations of silicon dioxide (SiO2) the main component in glass. SiO2 is derived from natural materials like quartz and sand with a highly concentrated liquid polymer base material that is applied to every surface you can possibly think of for your vehicle. 

When installed by a highly trained and experienced professional the results end with a flexible glass like layer of coating for multiple years of durability and protection! Specifically when applied to paint the reflection is like nothing seen before, top it off with a paint correction service you should expect a near flawless clear coat finish that makes the perfect surface for the coating to adhere for maximum longevity of your coating. Ceramic technology can be applied beyond just the paint and has found its way in the multipurpose usage category with capabilities of adhering to almost any surface when done correctly – from glass, tire/wheel and suspension, vinyl, leather, plastic, fiberglass and gel coat.  We have specific coatings available for a wide range of applications for years of protection and ease of maintenance on any surface you can think of.

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