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Detailing Auto & Marine


Why Choose Us

Artists at the Detail Studio LTX have years of experience and are highly trained installers. By default we have earned the title as the “Local Experts” and are here to talk about ceramic coatings any time! 


Visit our local studio and experience a hands-on in-person presentation of our display wall with led lighting for optimal visuals and effects and a variety of test pieces like mini hood panels, tires and a real door panel mounted on the wall. 


After a quick tour of our studio we will demonstrate some of the other ceramic coated objects we have to protect and help keep our tools and equipment clean allowing you to experience the ceramic technology in real world circumstances. 


Makes and models we service:

We specialize in exterior and interior ceramic coatings for auto and marine applications including RV and air planes. 


Quality products:

We continuously invest Hours of research and testing to source some of the best commercial grade ceramic coatings Manufactured and made in the US. with cutting edge chemistry and quality control we trust our suppliers to always prioritize providing a quality product

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