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Paint Protection Film


What is PPF?

Paint protection film other wise known as PPF and clear bar is a 10 mil thick clear polyurethane film that is designed to protect against light physical damage such as rock chips, road debris, etching from water spots and bird droppings, tar, scratches and much more!

PPF is installed or “wrapped” to shape each and every vehicle or surface for a clean, invisible like appearance you’d hardly tell it is there. PPF has a top coat that has hydrophobic properties making it stain resistant and easy to maintain and clean, it is also ceramic coating friendly maximizing the performance of the film and giving it that glass like appearance ceramic coatings are known for.

The most common uses for PPF in the automotive world are high traffic areas like the front bumper, hood, front fenders and rear view mirrors.

Having PPF installed by a professional will prevent physical damage such as rock chips and keep the brand new painted surfaces defect free for years to come!

If your in the market for protecting your paint with Paint protection film we highly recommend scheduling a consultation and an appointment as soon as possible and preferably before you take the vehicle out on the road leaving your brand new paint susceptible for damage. 

Why choose us to install your PPF?

 Here at the Detail Studio we created not only a innovative studio with maximum result capabilities, but a place where we constantly study art and the art of paint protection film is something we take seriously!

We are trained and mentored by a nationally recognized Texas based PPF trainer and leading expert in the industry. In 2021 I decided to take a deeper dive into the world of paint protection furthering my education in PPF.

As the lead installer and artist in 2022 alone I attended 3 auto film conferences, joined a mastermind Group with 1 on 1 coaching and mentorship from some of the top leaders in the industry and have invested in online video training platforms with vehicle library’s of hundreds of educational videos for myself and my team to continuously study the arts 24/7 365 at anytime with.

As artists we recognize the importance of continuous education and the never ending learning experiences and look forward to continuing our journey of auto film mastery so we can deliver the highest quality product possible. 

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